Your Website – Bedrock of Digital marketing

A website is your main tool and foundation of digital marketing. All other Digital marketing tools either emanates out of this or merge into this tool. Normally we all recognise it as a major information area where prospective clients can take information like offers, addresses, contacts, leave their contact details, may be even purchase services from many websites. However a website is like your shop, it helps in generating leads, connecting with customers, grievance management tool, product development tool etc.

Making a basic website is not only easy but also relatively cheap. Usually a small agency should keep a budget of about INR 10,000 for a year to start and maintain a website, if they can put in a little effort. Even if you get initial website made from a vendor, it is important to know basic edit functions etc. so that there is a limited need to go to a vendor.

What should a basic website have, it should have pages on Home (about us), Product and services, packages, areas to give feedback, comments, complaints

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